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Jul 23, 2018

Aisha Alfa is one powerful and creative women. Our story goes back to when we met first as competitors and later as team mates on the soccer pitch. We both played competitive soccer (football) growing up and as life would have it, we crossed paths many times later on in our adult lives. Aisha is such a magnificent and creative women. She is constantly reinventing herself and following her passion to lead the life she desires. In listening to her on the show today, you will hear how she has woven so many of her talents along her journey, learning some really hard lessons and using her sport psychology background to help her navigate her journey into the entertainment industry where she made her breakthrough on an NBC comedy contest and the rest is history, well, history in the making! It’s always so much fun to speak with Aisha, she keeps things light and funny, but all of it is grounded in such purpose and meaning. I hope that you will enjoy her perspective of finding her way, remaining authentic and attaining your goals.

Aisha Alfa was born in Nigeria, grew up in Canada, lived in South Korea and France and has traveled all over the world. She now makes her home in Los Angeles, CA. Aisha is an actor, comedian, host and writer. After retiring from playing soccer professionally and overseas in a men's league, Aisha moved back to Winnipeg, Canada where she started her acting training/career. She got an opportunity to try stand-up comedy and hosting through her acting training and all three became pillars of her career. She has gone on to appear in TV, film, commercials, festivals, live events and new media programming throughout the world. Aisha has a degree in psychology from the University of Alberta, specializing in sport psychology. She played varsity soccer for the university and left with a National Championship win and two silver medal finishes!     

In addition to acting, Alfa is also a standup comedian and has performed at the Just For Laughs comedy festival in Montreal, the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, the Montreux Comedy Festival in Switzerland and at various comedy clubs in South Africa. She shares her birthday with Albert Einstein (March 14) and her favorite number is pi, which she has memorized to 25 digits.
One of my favourite parts of our conversation is on the importance of “celebrating” along the way – both big and small wins, work related or just regular life events and Aisha gives a great suggestion on how she practices this by creating a “Win Wall” with her friends – I’m going to suggest we do the same. Leave me a comment below or join our new secret facebook group called “Fempowered” (from my "Dr. Andrea Kraj, P.Eng" facebook page) and leave your comment there. This is a safe space for you to join like-minded women and fix each other’s crowns like true Queens. See you on the Win-Wall Friends!


  • How we both share a passion for a very distinct favourite number - pi!
  • Her background in competitive sports, starting from a very young age, where our paths crossed
  • How she didn’t know what she wanted to do growing up, but had many interests
  • How she decided to go to the U of Alberta following her passion for competitive soccer and the doors that opened for her overseas from there
  • How she got to playing soccer in a competitive men’s league in Korea as the first women ever
  • The time in her life of weird high impact sports and finding her way
  • Her favourite language and how she followed her passion to go learn it
  • How she started her life again from zero to create the life she wanted moving forward
  • What her first business, Alfa Life Coaching, taught her
  • Her “lightbulb” moment that pivoted her business and life
  • What her goals and dreams are now
  • How she brings her life experience from Winnipeg to the world stage
  • How she moved her life to Los Angeles
  • How she proved she was an “alien of extraordinary ability”
  • The perspective of women in the comedy industry today
  • How the comedy industry is transforming and shifting
  • The calls that are currently out for the under-represented stories in the entertainment industry
  • What motivates Aisha
  • How Aisha integrates her work-life for balance
  • How Aisha handles rejection in her industry and her strategy for getting gigs
  • What Aisha’s dream gig used to be and what it is now
  • Her advice for anyone breaking into the entertainment industry
  • Her ladder analogy for attaining your goals
  • The importance of Celebrating and how the “Win Wall” helps to do it
  • Our  perspective on good vs. bad intimate relationships
  • Aisha’s hidden talents
  • Aisha’s desired superpower
  • How Aisha defines success
  • Where you can find Aisha next!
  • The Goddess that I assign to Aisha