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Apr 30, 2019

Hello Everyone!
I’m back with a solo episode and it’s based on my own reflections over the past month. Lots has happened and April has flown by compared to the slow pace of March. Lots of ideas and issues have come up this month and I took some intentional time to be quiet and reflect on many things. Now I’m back with a month worth of content that I can’t keep to myself! So today’s episode is a little different – I cover several topics that I’ve collected over the past month,  from workplace and life Biases, to the rise in hate-crimes and separation encountered in my local community and globally, and my thoughts on influencers and the responsibility and power that they have that is often misguided, abused or unrecognized and the trouble that can cause, and I wrap up on my take on the latest social media trends, such as the Celery Juice Craze that is driving up prices for celery, so much so that is it being reported as a celebrity factor in the price of this basic vegetable and I encourage you to pause and reflect on the sustainability of it all as well as how this is linked to our over consumption and serious recycling issues. Hope this gives you something to think about as well.

In this episode I discuss:

  • The 7 Biases encountered in the workplace and life: Unconscious, Performance, Attribution, Likeability, Maternal, Affinity, Double Discrimination & Intersectionality
  • The rise in hate crimes and the illusion of separation
  • "The Real Deal" vs. The façade in social media of influencers
  • The abuse or neglect of power of social media influencers
  • My take on the "celery juice craze"
  • Sustainability vs. Trends and their inverse correlation
  • Recycling and shifting the paradigm from "cradle to grave" to "cradle to cradle" and tackling our growing waste crisis.
  • IG: @dr.andreakraj