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Jun 11, 2018

Chef Alessandra Quaglia is a phenomenal women, she has a very colourful life, playing with all the senses, dancing her way through life, following her heart and her passion, running her businesses, keeping her entrepreneurial hat on, taking chances, taking risks and living by the philosophy of “letting go” , following her heart to lead her all over the world. She is a Chef, restaurateur, author, parent, carpenter, blogger and dancer. She has recently let go of a big part of her life and followed her heart to start a new business in Cuba! Her story is amazing, a woman who was trailblazing in the trades 20 years ago as one of the only women in the kitchens of France where she cultivated her passion for Southern French Cuisine.

We discuss…

-how Alessandra fell in love with food and how it lead her to France.

-her multiple passions of food, dance travel, and business

-Alessandra’s cookbook – New World Provence – which I personally recommend!

-lessons she has learned in her journey - in business and in life

-the advice she wants to share with other women about the art of seduction and stepping into owning the diving feminine with confidence that is seductive yet strong.

-the “letting go” philosophy she lives by

-her passion for dance and what it has allowed her to bring into her daily life

-motherhood and now her transition into grand-motherhood

-Her latest venture in Cuba, as a travel and adventure guide with her business “My Cuban Adventures”

-The Goddess that I assign to Alessandra

-Al’s secret super power and the super power she wished she could have!