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Jul 2, 2018

Denise is President of Denise Zaporzan and Associates, a strategy practice based in Manitoba and is on Fempower today! @dbydenise

Denise Zaporzan is a talented, brave and warm woman. She lights up any room she is a part of. She has reinvented herself so many times in her career and it’s a fascinating story of courage and faith. Our conversation is so warm and endearing. Although we talk business and real advice, there is so much real life in this conversation. This is a deeply rich conversation filled with so many golden nuggets of advice and thought provoking insights.


As a trusted advisor, Denise demonstrates her passion, energy, and knowledge of strategy and leadership through work with public and private clients. Denise is a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), and received the prestigious Fellowship CPA (FCPA) designation in 2010, the profession’s highest recognition of significant career achievements and contributions to community. In 2017, Denise developed and launched her newest initiative, D by denise, a Canadian lifestyle blog, brand, and e-commerce platform. D by denise publishes content celebrating the modern middle-aged professional woman, and collaborates with local (Canadian) brands and media to celebrate the authentic voice of the modern, middle-aged female audience. 



  • Her background and how she reinvented herself in the middle of her thriving career
  • How Denise held her ground when she was blind-sided in her career path
  • Her honesty, integrity and vulnerability
  • How she overcame fighting for her job while placing her family first
  • The importance of relationships and connection
  • Denise’s golden nuggets of advice for women in business and life
  • Denise’s latest venture, her blog, D by Denise for the modern middle-aged woman
  • Intergenerational mentorship and knowledge transfer
  • Conversation as a means to knowledge and wisdom
  • Entrepreneurship, Vision and Strategy
  • Meeting Ariana Huffington in person and the impact of her work on Denise’s life
  • Denise’s gratitude journal
  • Moments for wellness and giving back
  • Saying NO, creating boundaries and honouring your time and space
  • How Denise found meditation in a dark time of her life
  • Denise’s most importance strategic tips for YOUR business
  • Motherhood & Family First
  • Tips on networking for both the introvert and the extrovert
  • Denise’s book recommendations
    • Daring Greatly @brenebrown
    • Thrive @arianahuffington
    • The Power of Introverts @susancain
  • Denise’s hidden talent & secretly desired superpower
  • The Goddess that I assign to Denise
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