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Jun 25, 2018


Diane Gray, founding president and CEO of CentrePort Canada is on Fempower today! @dianegrayy @centreportcanada

Diane Gray is an exceptional woman. She’s quietly leading a major infrastructure project in the middle of the Canadian prairies, if you haven’t heard about it yet, you most definitely will soon -- in-fact it’s a multi-million dollar foreign trade zone unique to North America. But it’s not just that about her…it’s about how she makes her decisions to take giant leaps and risks with such a grounded confidence in who she is and what she brings to the table. From her roles in government, juggling multiple portfolios as Deputy Minister of Finance, Deputy Minister of Federal-Provincial and International Relations, and Deputy Minister of Trade, while caring for a newborn in office, to how she left the security of her position to leap into a giant infrastructure “start-up” type business and the vast wisdom of her experience that she brings to all she does, Diane leads with a vision for the future, for the next generations, while remaining rooted in the now.

 In this episode we discuss:

  • What she was like as a child and how she got to where she is now
  • How she handled caring for a newborn while maintaining her position as Deputy Finance Minister in government
  • How she got the job she has today that she didn’t apply for
  • CentrePort Canada – North America’s largest inland port and how it’s not your typical industrial park
  • The skill set to succeed in government and leadership, what she uses, what crosses over and what she’s still learning
  • Her advice for attaining mutual goals for large projects with many different interests
  • Her love of the Arts, how she supports it and what it means to her
  • And Diane’s secret superpower, she didn’t even need to wish for one because she has it already!
  • The Goddess I assign to Diane
  • Bonus Items:
    • Announcement for the First Fempower LIVE! Event happening July 11/18, 7pm featuring Giovanna Minenna of Brows by G
    • Announcement Fempower Bracelets on SALE now on hand-picked natural crystals and stones personally selected for their properties and meanings. Find out more on the site! Join the Fempower Tribe!