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Mar 8, 2019

This is a day to celebrate and not underestimate it's importance. Today's episode was a must. After almost a year of speaking about the power of the Divine Feminine how could I not put out a story for this important day?! In fact, the story is so important it talks about the both the Divine Fem and Masculine. This is an important episode recognizes that we are all composed of both these energies. I provide some treats at the end with a meditation and take home exercise for you on developing your fem and mas balance for creativity. And I make a couple announcements about some new ventures I'm onto... So tune in and enjoy - and celebrate the beauty of this day!



  • What feminine and masculine energies are
  • How you can harness and develop it further
  • The Old Age
  • The New Age
  • Finding balance
  • Visualization example
  • I give you a Meditation
  • I give you aa take home exercise
  • My new plant-based business
  • My new coaching opportunities