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Feb 25, 2019

Welcome to today's solo episode! I spent the last few months really working through the concepts of what excellence in leadership means and how it means to practice it daily and the challenges I would face as I strive to do so. Along the way, I learned many things, surprisingly that most are inadequately prepared to functionally operate at a level of excellent leadership and they don't even know it, because leadership takes work, and I mean a lot of internal work. Leadership differs fundamentally from management and it's important to know what that difference is so that we can strive to attain true leadership, beyond just management, especially if we care about our role and those we serve, be it at work, home or in the community. So sit back, tune in and relax as we discuss this important topic and how we can create the ecosystems we need to achieve excellence in leadership. 



  • what leadership is
  • how leadership is different from management
  • why this matters
  • what is at the root of relationship breakdown
  • how to create safe spaces to have hard conversations
  • how to lead through challenges
  • how poor leadership is not leadership
  • what the key characteristics of excellence leadership are
  • how emotions are key indicators to guide us in difficult situations
  • how to identify what issue is yours and what is not yours and what this indicates
  • how to bring these skills with us whether it be at work, home or in the community