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Aug 1, 2018

Today’s episode is full of goodness and incredible advice from the very talented and creative Giovanna Minenna of Brows by G. We recorded this episode at the first Fempower Live! Event in Winnipeg last month, in July, and while we were speaking, the conversation was so engaging and flowing that I forgot just how incredible it was – I mean, I knew it was incredible when it happened, but all the content and details we spoke about, the rich advice and the effortless conversation that we had, just made it blow by!  Upon reviewing it in post production it became clear to me that Giovanna is a woman full of life experience and she is only just starting to take on the world!

Giovanna “G” is the Founder of Brows by G and is an award-winning brow stylist and makeup artist. She studied at The College of Makeup Art and Design (CMU) in Toronto, and before founding Brows by G worked for international cosmetic companies MAC and Lancôme. Giovanna has also studied through CTI and is a business and life Coach, public speaker and hosts workshops to inspire entrepreneurs to be their greatest selves. G is passionate about innovation and growth in the industry, training and mentorship, and providing the best possible experience to her clients. G led the creation and growth of Brows by G’s Microblading and Micropigmentation training programs across Canada, as well as the development of the company’s BROWLUXE® line of cosmetic products and MICROLUXE® line of professional products. In her role as Founder and Creative Director, G oversees the company’s strategies for service, training, and product innovation, and assists her team with creative direction and content creation. 

She has launched and expanded her business Brows by G locally, created products that are manufactured and sold exclusively as her brand, and launched national training programs to ensure the industry standards are met and keep the public safe. Is that not incredible?! On top of that, Giovanna’s life is expanding continuously, her spiritual journey takes her to new places and she branches out to develop other big dreams and plans. The Divine Goddess that I assign to Giovanna is at the end of this episode, so stay tuned to find out who it is – I think you may agree with me after listening to her story and advice. I’m very excited to finally be able to share this episode with everyone!



  • Her background in the restaurant industry and what it taught her that prepared her for her future
  • How following her passion lead her into the beauty industry in Toronto
  • What developing her self-awareness meant to her
  • How her “bigger ideas” pulled her to jump from where she was working
  • How she had to “start-over” from bottom zero and rebuild her life
  • What Giovanna was like as a child and how she has come back to it full circle
  • How she uses intuition in her business and life
  • How her business looks today in her corporate role vs. when she first started
  • What Giovanna looks for in forming the right team
  • Giovanna’s advice for women in business and those jumping into business
  • What Giovanna would be doing if she wasn’t in the beauty industry
  • What it is that Giovanna and I share in common in business
  • What Giovanna has learned the most from the beauty industry
  • How “intention” is everything according to Giovanna
  • Giovanna’s top transformational moments in this year
  • How perception is key to manifestation in your life
  • What G is envisioning right now
  • What motivates Giovanna and how it is different today than it was a year ago
  • What is challenging G in achieving her goals at the moment
  • How Giovanna’s made intentional changes this year in her life
  • The non-duality of spirit and science
  • Our shared love and respect for plants and their amazing communication systems
  • How gratitude shifts energy
  • G’s work-life balance, self-care practices and the importance of lifestyle choices
  • The realities of living and working with a spouse as business partner and the benefits and challenges of G’s partnership
  • How G sets her goals in business, writing down goals, G’s BHAG – BIG HAIRY AUDACIOUS GOAL!
  • How G developed her products and her national training programs
  • How G got her product to market and how much of an investment she needed to make + her recommendations for others
  • G’s spiritual journey and what is inside her spiritual toolbox
  • What advice G would give her younger-self
  • What Giovanna’s next big idea is
  • G’s recommendations from her meditation practice
  • Giovanna’s hidden talents
  • Giovanna’s desired superpower
  • How Giovanna defines success
  • The Goddess that I assign to Giovanna
  • Live Q & A with the audience