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Aug 20, 2018

Today’s guest is very special, because unknowingly, she had a very fundamental role in the formation of this podcast. Because of the work that she is doing, I have been able to connect with my own intuition and spirit guides to make this podcast a reality. If it hadn’t been for the messages that Natalie Miles was putting out into our world, and my own little nudges from spirit and the life lessons along the way, I wouldn’t have put it all together – well, at least not as clearly and as quickly! Natalie Miles is an international Spiritual Guide, Psychic, Mentor and Entrepreneur. She has cultivated her life’s work in an esoteric industry with a legitimate business that grounds the spiritual realm in the now, but it wasn’t what she was always doing.  

Natalie was born and raised in the U.K., connecting with her Spirit Guide at the age of five, Natalie’s gift was always a backdrop as she moved through life. At the age of sixteen, she truly began to develop her skills by attending small groups educating on improving intuition and psychic abilities. It was here where she unlocked her natural gifts working with Spirit to share messages with others. After working for 10 years in the film industry as a producer, she could no longer ignore the calling of her Spirit Guide and began working with Spirit full-time. 

Natalie’s mission is to support ones spiritual journey by sharing, The Spirit Upgrade. This upgrade connects people with their guides –in other words, cheerleaders in the spiritual realm. Spirit guides help find the answers ones seek, and clear any blocks in the way. Working with guides will heal the past, and help people feel a sense of empowerment. 

Natalie has been guided by Spirit to use her gifts to open the door and be the “upgrade” messenger, illuminating the light onto other people’s life paths. Her goal is to inspire people across the globe to connect with their own Spirit Guides, so they can feel more connected, each and every day, and continue an upgraded soul journey. 

Natalie does this work through three major sessions: The Soul Upgrade, The Mediumship Upgrade, and The Past Life Upgrade, and either in-person or through telephone or via Skype. After all, she says, distance is no barrier for the Spirit! Spirit Guides will bring up exactly what needs to be discussed during that session and her clients are always taken aback that what comes through, is exactly what they needed to hear. Natalie does more than what most psychics and mediums do, she is a form of a life coach as well, where she offers an opportunity for souls to learn and grow.

I’m excited and honoured to have Natalie on the Fempower podcast today, and it turns out it is episode 11, which if you follow angel numbers will know that it is the karmic Master Number 11 and symbolizes the principles of spiritual awakening and enlightenment, high energy, idealism, inspiration and intuition, illumination, visionary, enthusiasm, creative/creativity, self-expression and sensitivity, and mysticism. Number 11 tells us that to connect with our higher-selves is to know and live our soul mission and life purpose. Master Number 11 is usually called 'the Illuminator', 'the Messenger' or 'the Teacher' and relates to those who are here to be inspirational guiding lights, and their mission is to bring illumination to others and to help raise spiritual awareness. This wasn’t planned this way, as I’m just going with the flow, and yet it is so perfectly aligned. I bet Natalie will be smiling when she find out!

I think you are really going to like this episode – it’s full of practical ways to grow your intuition, connect with your spirit guides, and in turn develop your self-awareness further which will enhance your confidence and lead to your empowerment – it truly is a chain reaction and it begins with these fundamental steps.

And, you’ll have some fun along the way as this episode gets hijacked by one of my deceased loved ones! My grandfather shows up to play some tricks and have some fun with us. I’ve left it in there so you can see for yourself how we lost the connection, but everything kept recording so we could have the evidence of his playfulness – this normally doesn’t happen for me! Usually, if I lose the connection I lose the recording and yet somehow we were able to keep it all here. Thank you Grandpa! Natalie even goes into the details to clarify which of my three grandfathers it could be – and I definitely knew which one it was right from the outset. My grandfather even gives me a message when we ask if he has something to share. You are going to want to hear this. It is so fascinating and exactly on point. Natalie wouldn’t have known anything of this as we only spoke for the first time here. She is so sharp and in-tune and such an earth angel. We are lucky to have her on the show today!

Enjoy this episode and may all the practical tools help you in your journey to enlightenment and empowerment so that you too may spread more of your light.



  • How Natalie had a fundamental role in the creation of the Fempower podcast, even though she didn’t know it
  • What Natalie does as a Spiritual Guide, Medium, Psychic and Mentor
  • How I connected the dots from Natalie’s messages to create the Fempower podcast
  • How to connect to our spiritual guides, who they are, and the signs to notice their presence
  • How to know that you are on the right path
  • What the methods are to receive your messages and one that I happen to add to the list
  • How developing the tools of intuition, leads to self-awareness and empowerment
  • What the blocks are to developing your intuition
  • How our interview was hijacked by a dear deceased family member of mine that came through and how we determined who exactly it was that was coming through
  • The message that my deceased loved one gave Natalie to tell me
  • How intuitive hits help you empower your life and your journey
  • How Natalie is using her intuition in her business right now
  • How Natalie used her intuition to transition from her previous career in the film industry to her current career
  • Natalie’s take on the year 2018 so far and her prediction for what we can expect to come
  • What motivates Natalie in her work and life
  • What Natalie’s life was like as a psychic child
  • How Natalie met her guide and how they work together throughout lifetimes
  • What Natalie thought about my story about meeting my guide and how it directly impacted the direction of this podcast
  • How Natalie took her work in this esoteric industry and made it a legitimate business
  • How Natalie differentiates herself from her competitors and the advice she gives to others
  • What the blocks mean when we struggle to succeed in specific areas, such as having your voice heard  
  • How to remove the blocks around your struggles
  • Natalie’s healing and self-care toolbox and her recommendations
  • What Natalie recommends for those starting their business from her own experience and why
  • How Natalie uses her feminine vs. masculine energy in her life and business
  • Why Natalie believes women are being called up to do this intuitive work
  • How we need both the divine feminine and divine masculine in all beings
  • Why we need to help and inspire the men to tap into their divine feminine as well
  • What advice Natalie has for women navigating a career in spiritual healing and entrepreneurship
  • Why Nat believes the spiritual field is important to explore further
  • What the single most important lesson is that she has learned on her journey so far
  • How Nat recommends using the “Hell-No vs Hell-Yes” test response to navigate your path
  • What dreams Natalie is chasing right now and what she has coming up next
  • What advice Natalie would give her younger self and at what age
  • Natalie’s hidden talents and what she plans to try next
  • Natalie’s desired superpower
  • How Natalie defines success
  • The Goddess that I assign to Natalie