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Oct 22, 2018

Hello World – I am back! I had to take some time off, which I explain more about in today’s episode, and it’s interesting how these things align sometimes. So today’s episode is extra special and extra long! Take your time to enjoy it. Rana Bokhari, B.A. (Criminology), B.A. (Psychology), J.D., Notary Public is on the show today and she is one fierce incredible woman. Her story and her many lifetimes from fashion design to leader of a major political party, from how she grew up on a farm to where she is today leading her own business, hers is a story that will provide you with so many insights into the struggles we face as women when we rise and it will provide you with much wisdom to face the very real challenges in our society. Her message is empowering and affirming of what we need to do as women to have our voice heard, and to heal from times we have been abused. She talks more about the details of breaking the “glass ceiling”, which is really a brick wall as she puts it, in her TEDx talk (see link in show notes below). She reminds us of the power of connection and the root of all strength as love. Enjoy today’s episode and tell everyone you know about it – the wisdom and teachings in this episode alone, you’ll carry for lifetimes.

Namaste, Andrea