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Mar 18, 2019

On today’s episode we talk all things clean beauty, engineering, eco-entrepreneurship and more Clean Beauty Pioneer, the revolutionary Jenise Lee! A serial eco entrepreneur, Jenise is the founder & CEO of PurPicks - a site like TripAdvisor for organic skincare - which has the largest directory of nontoxic beauty products and largest database of product reviews. She is also the Founder of CertClean, North America's certification for safer skincare. You can find thousands of beauty and personal care products globally with the CertClean certification.

Jenise was honoured as one of Canada's top sustainability leader, named Canada's Top 100 health influencers alongside Wayne Gretzky and Sophie Trudeau, and nominated for the Governor General's Innovation Award.
Jenise has a Chemical Engineering degree (University of Waterloo), and a MBA (Schulich School of Business). Prior to starting her MBA, Jenise worked as an environmental engineering consultant where she led projects related to environmental site assessments, environmental impact studies and feasibility studies on leading edge renewable energy from biomethanation plants to solar projects to waste-to-energy facilities.

  • Her story of how she arrived to where she is today through her engineering and business education path and her life events that lead her here
  • What she was like as a child
  • Our common threads as engineers, women, entrepreneurs and sustainability advocates
  • Her favourite book, see the recommendation link below
  • The 1400 harmful chemicals in common beauty products that she certifies AGAINST with her company CertClean
  • What she recommends for starting off your clean-beauty journey
  • Why she started PurPicks
  • What she is up to next
  • And so much more!