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Feb 18, 2020

On today’s episode, we talk about Love and Purpose. It is the season of love afterall, falling just days after St. Valentines Day. I reflect on what love means to me now and what we can make of St. Valentines Day to bring more love into our lives and the world. And somehow this all timely came together with our episode on the power of purpose. There’s a quote that I live by, and I share with you in this episode, about Love, falling in love and how this particular quote fell into my life at a pivotal time and has made all the difference. Today’s guest is fittingly a colleague of mine in the power industry as well! Angella Rainford is doing remarkable work in the solar industry in the Caribbean and it all stems from her deep connection to her own purpose. In this episode we talk about:

  • Community impact
  • Gender impact and inclusion
  • The result of having more female inclusion in power projects
  • The money multiplier effect of local investment
  • How bumps along her way lead to the wisdom she achieved
  • Failure as a reflection point on your purpose
  • Being on the edge as a catalyst for change
  • The skill of scaling back
  • Progress for changing the world
  • Her life growing up in Jamaica
  • The value of steady long-term patience
  • Her next endeavours
  • More at